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Connecting to BloxOne Cloud Services Portal (CSP)

Locate Cloud Services Portal (CSP) Access

You will find Cloud Services Portal (CSP) Access by using the search functionality.

Requesting a Cloud Services Portal tenant

  • Click the Request CSP Tenant button to create a tenant

Note: CSP tenants are valid for up to 60 days, please ensure you complete any training tasks within this time window.

Time extensions are not possible.

  • Confirm tenant creation by clicking the I AGREE button

Note: Tenant deployment can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

  • Once the tenant is deployed, you will be presented with the tenant information.

  • Note the seven-character Tenant ID

    • If you need assistance, please provide this code to your instructor or include in your email request.

  • The username/email address will be used to log in to CSP.

    • This email address will automatically relay/forward emails to your LMS email address, don’t forget to check your Spam/Junk folders!

    • There are also 10 additional email addresses that have been configured to allow you to create new users in your CSP tenant. These email addresses will also automatically relay/forward emails to your LMS email address.

Setting your Cloud Services Portal Account Password

We recommend using a private/incognito browser window when accessing your training CSP environment.
This will prevent any production Single Sign-On (SSO) from automatically logging you in.

  • Under the login panel, click on the Need Assistance? link

  • Then select the option for Help me sign in / Forgot password?

  • Enter your Cloud Services Portal tenant's username, and click Send Email

  • Check your email for a password reset email.

    • Don't forget to check your junk/spam mailbox.

  • Click the link in the email and set a password for your account.

Logging into your Cloud Services Portal Tenant

  • In a new web browser window, navigate to

  • Enter your Cloud Services Portal tenant's username, and click Next

  • Enter your password and click Sign In

  • You will then be logged in to Cloud Services Portal

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