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Infoblox NIOS

High Availability not working correctly after Suspend/Unsuspend

This is a known issue. It is due to the VRRP MAC address becoming fixed to the active appliance before the lab was suspended. Upon unsuspending, the VRRP MAC address no longer floats between the virtual machines as expected. You will not be able to ping or resolve DNS via the virtual IP of the HA pair.

The current work around is to perform a graceful shutdown on all NIOS appliances, and then power all systems back up.

Forgotten admin password?

You cannot reset the admin password if you have forgotten it. You need to reset the database.

Please note: this will wipe all configuration and data from the current Grid.

  • Connect to the NIOS appliance using the console

  • Reboot the NIOS appliance using the power reset function

  • During the boot-up sequence you will see a message about the Emergency Prompt, follow the instructions to access the Emergency Prompt

  • Once at the Emergency Prompt type the command: reset database

  • This will reset the database and reboot the appliance

Factory Reset NIOS appliance

There are three types of reset you can apply to a NIOS appliance.

  • Connect to the NIOS appliance using the console or SSH (if enabled)

  • Login using the username admin and the current admin password

Reset database: this will clear the database only.

  • Type the command: reset database

Reset all: this will clear the database, logs and remove any network settings from the appliance, licences will not be removed.

  • Type the command: reset all

Reset all licenses: this will clear the database, logs, licenses and remove any network settings from the appliance. This is a full factory reset.

  • Type the command: reset all licenses

Which version of NIOS do Infoblox courses use?

Most courses have been refreshed against NIOS 8.6. However, as with most NIOS training, it is version agnostic. The courses themselves are not versioned.

What about NIOS 9.0?

As NIOS 9.0 is rolled out, we plan to transition the courses to this new NIOS version, likely in late-2024.

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