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2508 - Creating extensible attributes (EA) in NIOS


The network team has decided to tag infrastructure and client devices according to the departments they belong to. This information will be mandatory for all new networks created, or when existing networks are updated. Please create the extensible attribute(s) that can be used to track this information in NIOS IPAM, making sure that this is only required for IPv4 and IPv6 Network objects.

Estimate Completion Time

  • 10 to 15 minutes






Grid Manager UI




  • Administrative access to the Grid

Course References

  • 1005: Using NIOS Extensible Attributes and Smart Folders

  • 2005: Configuring NIOS Extensible Attributes (EA) and Smart Folders

Lab Initiation

Access jump-desktop

Once the lab is deployed, you can access the virtual machines required to complete this lab activity. To initiate the lab, click on the jump-desktop tile and login to the Linux UI:

Username: training

Password: infoblox

Initiate lab

To initiate the lab, double-click the Launch Lab icon on the Desktop.

Launch Lab

Launch Lab

Choose the lab number from the list and click OK.

After clicking OK, you will see a pop-up message with a brief description of the lab task. If the description looks correct, click Yes to continue lab initiation.

Lab initiation will take a couple of minutes to finish.

Once complete, you will see another pop-up message with the login credentials and the URL for the Grid Manager’s User Interface. Note that the credentials may differ from those from prior labs.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 3.16.57 PM.png


Task 1: Creating an extensible attribute

Create an extensible attribute named Department. This EA should allow users to select the correct department from a drop-down list. This list should contain:

  • Engineering

  • IT

  • Sales

  • Training


Task 1: Create an extensible attribute

  1. Navigate to Administration→Extensible Attributes

  2. Click the Add button

  3. For Name, enter Department

  4. For Type, select List

  5. To add the values, click the Add button and enter the first department name in the Value


  6. Repeat previous step, entering the values for remaining departments.

  7. Click Next to proceed to Step 2 of the Add Extensible Attribute Wizard.

  8. In the section Default Value, click the radio button Required.

  9. Under the heading Restrict to Specific Object Types, click Add.

  10. Click the Name field, the object list opens. Scroll to locate IPv4 Network.

  11. With IPv4 Network in the Object Type list, click Add again.

  12. Click the Name field, the object list opens. Scroll to locate IPv6 Network.

  13. When complete, verify that your table contains both entries for IPv4 Network and IPv6 Network

  14. Click Save & Close

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