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Bulk Exam Voucher Purchase

Terms and Conditions

Please note: Kryterion operates the Bulk Voucher Program. All transactions are between you and Kryterion, not Infoblox.

  • Kryterion’s Bulk Voucher Program is a pre-paid program. Vouchers will not be created until the invoice is paid.

  • All sales are final. There are no exchanges or refunds for vouchers purchased.

  • Any vouchers not redeemed by the expiration date will be forfeited.

  • Vouchers have a maximum expiration of one (1) year.

  • There is a minimum requirement of US$ 1,500.00 for voucher orders.

How to Purchase

  1. Go to the following URL:

  2. Click on the link to access the Infoblox BVP Order Form.

  3. Complete the form and submit to Kryterion.

  4. Kryterion will review the form and get back to you with next steps.

What is the process to order bulk-voucher batches?

The bulk voucher process is as follows:

  1. Complete the online order form and submit.

  2. Kryterion will review, confirm, and begin processing the order.

  3. Kryterion will email your invoice to the Accounting Contact listed on your order form.

  4. Upon payment of the invoice, Kryterion will create the voucher batch(es). Accepted forms of payment are listed on the order form.

  5. Kryterion will email voucher batch(es) to the Voucher Redemption Contact listed on your order form.

  6. You will need to distribute one (1) voucher code per candidate. Each voucher code may only be used once. Kryterion recommends filling in the name of your candidate on the voucher spreadsheet to avoid duplication.

Please note:

  • The invoicing process may take up to 5 business days

  • Voucher-delivery times will vary based on receipt of payment

Does Kryterion accept PO's?

Because the Bulk Voucher Program is a pre-paid service, purchase orders are not considered payment, but can be referenced on your invoice if required. Acceptable forms of payment are check, ACH, wire transfer or credit card. There is a 4% processing fee applied if using a credit card for payment. Once payment is received, the vouchers will be created.

Do you offer discounts on vouchers?

Infoblox does not provide discounts on exam vouchers.

What if my order doesn't meet the minimum-order requirement?

There is a strict minimum-order requirement for all Bulk Voucher Program orders. If you are unable to meet the minimum order, your candidates must register individually via the Test Sponsor’s Webassessor portal using a credit card for payment.

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