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Exams, Achievements, Certificates and Digital Badges

How do I access my exam?

Please see the separate Using Webassessor how-to guide.

How do I take another exam attempt?

Each exam purchased provides a single attempt. If you want to take another exam attempt, follow the instructions to purchase the exam again.

How much do the exams cost?

You pay for each exam attempt. We recommend that you review the exam blueprint before taking the exam to ensure you have the knowledge required to pass the exam.

Exam charges are as follows:

  • Associate/Operator – US$ 29.00 per attempt.

  • Professional/Administrator – US$ 69.00 per attempt.

  • Expert – US$ 99.00 per attempt.

Learners with a paid learning subscription are provided exam vouchers to redeem for the exam attempts.

How can I obtain an Invoice/Tax Receipt for the Exam Purchase?

Please see the instructions under the Obtaining Tax Receipt section of the Using Webassessor how-to guide.

If you are having difficulties downloading the receipt, as the transaction is between you and Kryterion, you will need to contact Kryterion Support directly using the Live Chat or Email Support button to request an invoice/tax receipt.

Are exams included with courses/workshops?

No. Our new certification program is completely separate from the learning program. Learners can study however they wish and then take the exams. If the learner has access to a paid learning subscription via their organization, they can apply for exam vouchers that are included with the learning subscription. Otherwise, learners can pay for their exam attempts via the examination system.

How many exam attempts can I take?

Learners may not take a given exam more than six times within a twelve-month period. This twelve-month period starts upon the first attempt. This applies to all learners.

What is the cooling-off period between exam attempts?

Learners must wait 24 hours before retaking an exam after any failed attempt.

What is the passing score?

All exams have a minimum passing score of 80%.

How long do I have to take the exam?

Typically, you are given one hour per 30 exam questions.

  • Associate/Operator level: two hours (2h).

  • Professional/Administrator level: two hours forty minutes (2h40m).

  • Expert level: three hours (3h).

How many questions are in each exam?

The number of questions is based on the level of the exam.

  • Associate/Operator

    • 50-60 questions total.

      • 50 questions scored.

        • 50 questions from Associate/Operator level.

      • Up to 10 questions unscored.

  • Professional/Administrator

    • 70-80 questions total.

      • 70 questions scored.

        • 20 questions from Associate/Operator level.

        • 50 questions from Professional/Administrator level.

      • Up to 10 questions unscored.

  • Expert

    • 80-90 questions total.

      • 80 questions scored.

        • 10 questions from Associate/Operator level.

        • 20 questions from Professional/Administrator level.

        • 50 questions from Expert level.

      • Up to 10 questions unscored.

Unscored questions do not impact your final mark. These questions may be used for various purposes, such as pre-testing new questions or gathering information about the learner’s experience.

Do I need to take the exam path in order?

No. You can test out at any level of the exams. However, we strongly recommend that you progress through the exams according to the examination path. Each higher-level exam will also test lower-level knowledge as you progress through the exams.

What do learners receive upon passing the exam?

Learners will receive a PDF certificate and an image badge that can be displayed on your social media sites.

What happens to the badges and certificates I already have?

These are yours to keep, and they remain valid until their expiry date (if applicable).

Are my previous achievements still valid?

Industry Achievements do not expire.

Product Achievements are valid for two years (2y) from the pass date (the expiration date will be visible on your certificate and the My Achievements tab within the LMS).

How long are achievements valid?

Industry Achievements – no expiration.

NIOS Product Achievements – two year (2y) validity.

NetMRI Product Achievements – two year (2y) validity.

BloxOne Product Achievements – one year (1y) validity.

Will my existing achievements be realigned to the new exam paths?

No. Your existing achievements will remain as is. The existing achievements will remain valid and recognized until the expiration date (if applicable).

How often are exams updated?

Exams are versioned by year and will be reviewed and updated every January.

Do my achievements follow me if I change organizations?

Yes, the achievements belong to you.

If you are moving organizations, once you have your new email account, please email from the new account and provide the following information to update your account:

  • New Email Address

  • Old Email Address

  • Organization Legal Name

  • Organization Full Address

  • Organization Country

  • Your Country (if different)

How do I download my PDF certificate or post my achievement on LinkedIn/Social Media?

You can find a list of all your credentials on your My Profile page in Launchpad. Click on the credential to view it.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 11.04.35.png
Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 11.02.50.png

You can then click Print and save as a PDF, or post to LinkedIn.

When printing or saving the certificate as a PDF, we recommend switching the print settings to landscape mode.

Can I use someone else’s login and still have achievements in my name?

No. Achievements are tied to the account they were achieved under.

What are Infoblox’s Examination Rules?

Full Infoblox Education Terms and Conditions can be found on the Infoblox Legal web page.

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