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2809 - Navigating BloxOne Application Discovery Reports


You're tasked to collect information and create reports about your environment's application usage and whether employees are using shadow applications that might be risky for a corporate environment, you decide to use the Bloxone Application discovery reports to accomplish your task.

Estimate Completion Time

  • 20-30 Minutes

Course Reference

  • 1111: BloxOne Application Discovery


  • Administrative access to the CSP

  • Lab 2804: Managing BloxOne Endpoints


  • Task 1: Application Discovery Reports

Task 1: Application Discovery Reports

  • Using your pod's Jump-Desktop, Log into CSP and access the web Application discovery page.

    1. Collect Information in what categories of applications your corporate has been engaging in alongside your environment most used applications.

    2. Collect Information on what devices access risky domains and which users are accessing the most risky domains.

    3. Categorize listed applications into Approved or Unapproved.


Task 1 solution: Access Application Discovery reports

  1. On jump-Desktop, in your CSP browser, navigate to Reports > Application Discovery.

  2. On the top left corner notice the three taps Summary, Applications and Devices.

  3. Examine the different reports created by the system, On the top right corner, notice application statuses Needs Review, Approved, Unapproved.

  4. Click the Total Unique Applications above the application status, check any application on the list, and click Change Status to Approved or Unapproved.

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